LEAD Philanthropy

Services for Fundraising Results

  • LEAD helps you build momentum towards a capital campaign or other major fundraising goal;
  • LEAD helps you use the momentum created in a successful campaign to achieve other, ongoing priorities for your organization;
  • LEAD helps you pair any necessary projects with industry-leading firms who are recognized in their field for quality and service delivery.

Plan It

Campaign Counsel & Leadership Studies

Campaign Counsel & Leadership Studies - provides pre-campaign planning with a review of your advancement program and a feasibility study which provides important information for a successful campaign. LEAD will measure internal readiness and necessary steps to begin a Campaign, secure feedback from key donors about the vision for the organization, and identify any issues that need to be resolved before proceeding. Campaign Counsel will assist with campaign strategy, operating plans, gift strategy, and working with volunteers.

Engagement Study

Engagement Study - A LEAD Engagement Study is designed to poll your most promising constituents to field their views and opinions about your reputation and their propensity to engage, lead and invest in your future.

This Engagement Study provides a foundation of real-time information that guides leadership enlistment and campaign planning. It also provides insight into key prospect’s intentions and attitudes and allows you to plot pathways to reignite their interest and involvement.

This Engagement Study can identify organizational, administrative, and process issues that impede alumni, parent and friend participation and suggest ways to address those shortcomings.

Advancement Program Assessment & Action Plans

Advancement Assessment – will provide feedback and action plans for advancement activities including both one- and two-way communications.

Through this study LEAD assessment will include:

  • Annual Giving, Major Gifts, and Planned Gift Programs
  • Staffing for goals and priorities
  • Volunteer and Board support
  • Stewardship activities
  • Short- and long-term priorities
  • Advancement services

LEAD will provide observations and recommendations to ensure your actions are working to increase results. LEAD will create messaging and guide you on the timing of each outreach to make sure touchpoints complement instead of competing.

Educational Training Workshops

Educational Workshops - offer targeted training in many aspects of advancement. Workshops are tailored for your Advancement team and are conducted both in-person and virtually.

Topics and programs include:

  • Major Gift Officer - Writing and Appeals
  • Major Gift Officer – Phone Conversations and Qualifications
  • Prospect management
  • Stages of major gift fundraising
  • Ethics in fundraising
  • Preparing for a Capital Campaign
  • Building an endowment

Do It


TeleMax is a comprehensive consulting relationship with LEAD. Through a TeleMax program, you will have access to the tools and services required to maximize the results of your phone program and annual fund. With TeleMax, LEAD will partner with you and your team to interview and train in-house phone program leadership and student callers, lead your program’s design and evaluate its performance, establish and/or position your program’s case for support, constituency segmentation, ask amounts, solicitation calendars and channel assignments. LEAD will also partner with your team on the creation and growth of student philanthropy initiatives, giving days, crowdfunding, text and e-communications, multi-media and the use of new channels.


CallerMax is an online student caller training program designed to turn your callers into fundraisers. Based on the best practices gleaned from over 40 years of managing on-campus phone programs, CallerMax is the best way to ensure every caller is getting the same, high-quality, proven training. It teaches the steps of effective fundraising phone calls that are designed to leave the prospect feeling good while securing pledges and credit card gifts.

GiftNet Calling, Texting, & Email System

GiftNet – LEAD’s Calling, Texting, & Email System builds on today’s technology and best practices used by hundreds of companies to enable our clients the ability to have callers work in-person and from remote locations.

LEAD’s GiftNet includes key abilities to ensure your success including:

  • Scripting
  • Data management
  • Constituency segmentation
  • Accessible using Chromebooks and iPads
  • Realtime reports
  • Allows callers to update prospect information
  • Peer-to-peer texting
  • School-specific Caller ID
  • Long distance charges included
  • Unlimited simultaneous callers
  • Post-call email communications
  • Daily and weekly reporting and trends

GiftNet is designed for institutions that wish to conduct calling campaigns for a single week or multiple months.

Video-Based Solicitations & Engagement

LEAD’s proprietary video-based solicitation & engagement tool solicits gifts for your institution while connecting, collecting, and reflecting the current events and priorities of your prospect base.

Peer-to-Peer Texting

LEAD’s peer-to-peer texting enables students, staff, faculty and volunteers to engage in hundreds of simultaneous conversations via text. This tool is built for the needs of non-profit institutions. We offer unlimited conversations, data research, design and writing services. Your team can conduct peer-to-peer conversations with assigned prospects from any location.

Data Enrichment: Self-Service Prospect Research

Each month, 10-15 million profiles are updated with credit bureaus. Maintaining easy access to accurate data is essential to maximizing results.

Through LEAD’s partnership with Accurate Append, you now have the ability to easily update your constituent’s records.

Our service includes:

  • Customized quotes
  • No contracts
  • Create a free account
  • Set-up fees waived
  • No file size limits
  • Secure file transfers
  • Pay with credit card
  • Most results within an hour

Data services includes:

  • Phone – Landline and Cell
  • Line Type
  • Email
  • Address
  • Wealth Screening
  • Consumer Information – Annual Income, HOH, DOB, etc.

Virtual Volunteer

A mix of sound fundraising principles combined with contemporary communication channels – our Virtual Volunteer suite of services will help reach your goals with engaging and captivating experiences that hold your attention longer than other communication channels.

This suite includes:

  • White Board Animation
  • Cartooning
  • Video Surveys
  • Video Solicitations
  • Video Polling
  • Creative Design & Case Development

Executive Coaching

LEAD will enable you to unlock potential within your staff to help your organization achieve its objectives. LEAD coaches are objective listeners. They ask questions, challenge assumptions, provide clarity, identify resources and provide advice. They also have the life experience needed to offer insight and perspectives that are often overlooked. LEAD coaches have decades of experience which include social services, U.S. foreign service, executive leadership, community grassroot organizations and top government service. Your LEAD coach is your champion.

Targeted Internet Display Advertising

LEAD can arrange for millions for impressions to be transmitted on your behalf for a wide variety of actions. The use of digital in an overall communication plan is an important topic. Our intention is twofold: to increase awareness and website hits and to offer those prospects reached through other channels an additional touchpoint, allowing them to keep your organization present in their minds.

Board Development

LEAD provides Board Members with an overview of their role in representing the good of society, as well as their role as the legally authorized, controlling body for the organization. The workshop identifies the eight functions of a board and the minimum levels of board involvement in those functions.

Interim Advancement Leadership

Having a fully-staffed Advancement Office is a luxury these days. As leadership is pulled in more and more directions, the daily projects and duties of an unfilled leadership position typically get put on hold. LEAD can provide skilled staff to complete projects and fill gaps allowing you to continue to accomplish crucial fundraising projects.



FutureCast is a LEAD evaluation tool designed to uncover who and what your constituency base supports. We will analyze and report how your organization ranks amongst other nonprofits and the steps you can take to increase your philanthropic desirability within your own base. Further, we rapid-age your constituents to identify the number of nonprofits soon to be supported and the amount of increased giving which will be provided from your prospects in the coming three to five years.

Evaluate Your Annual Giving ROI

LEAD will help you and your team analyze your fundraising results and ask the strategic questions necessary to determine the effectiveness of your fundraising campaigns.

New Market Tax Credit

The Federal Budget is maintaining the allocation application rounds for New Market Tax Credits which are ideal for $5 million or larger Capital Campaigns. LEAD can arrange to have your Campaign and organization evaluated to determine your eligibility. The NMTC Program is designed to incentivize community development by attracting private investment to distressed communities throughout the country.

Purchasing & Inventory Management Assistance

Capital or Annual, LEAD can assist you in identifying opportunities for significant cost savings in a variety of spending areas such as:

  • Office products and equipment
  • Communication systems
  • Fundraising services
  • Maintenance and industrial supplies
  • Capital needs