CallerMax Student Caller Training

CallerMax Student Caller Training Program

LEAD’s CallerMax® is designed to be a web-based student caller training program turning your student callers into student fundraisers. Based on the best practices gleaned from over 40 years of on-campus phone programs, CallerMax® is the best way to ensure all your callers are getting the same high-quality, proven training throughout the year.

CallerMax Graduate 

The CallerMax® Graduate private referral programCallerMax Student Caller Training Graduate Program connects graduating college students who achieved CallerMax® certification and worked as a caller in their school’s phone program with companies who would like to meet them.

Participating companies understand the value CallerMax® teaches current students and the important traits and experience gained by students who represent their institution when talking with alumni, parents, and friends about their philanthropic support for the school.

Through the CallerMax® Graduate program, Phone Program Managers will have direct access to recruiters from a wide variety of companies who are eager to discuss employment opportunities.

Together, CallerMax® and your Phone Program teach valuable life skills which help graduates excel in the work place. Companies that value these experiences include:

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